Best Cashback Credit Cards In The UAE 2021

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What is a cash back credit card?

Before find out what is the best cashback credit card in the UAE 2021, let’s find out what is a cashback credit card. Nowadays, a credit card has become a key financial tool because of it’s wide range of benefits and convenience of usage has made a credit card a must have for individuals. There are so many varieties of credit cards available in the UAE. Miles Up credit cards, Rewards Credit cards, Cashback Credits Cards are some of them. Among all these credit cards, Cashback credit card provided a significant amount of money in return on the purchases made using the cash back card by the card holder.

How does cashback work?

Whenever the card holder spend some amount using the cash back card, the cardholder gets some money back. This is why cashback is a great deal. Let’s say that, You have a cashback credit card and it provides you a cashback of 3% on your expenses at groceries, Therefore if you spend AED 3500 at groceries will earn you AED 105 (3% Of AED 3500) back. This way when you use your cashback card on most of your purchases, You can actually save a good amount of money on a monthly basis.

There are some variations in the cashback as well. The cashback gained can be in the form of cashback points or even in the form of money credited back to your account. The cashback earned will be credited to the account by the end of the billing statement.

How to redeem the cashback generated?

The redemption of the cashback generated is a very simple process.

  • Cashback Points – If the cashback is earned in the form of cashback points, it can be redeemed to cash that will be credited to the account. The point to be noted here is that the cashback points earned can have a validity. Hence, the cardholder must redeem the points at the earliest.
  • Flat Cashback – Flat cashback is where the cashback will be credited directly to the cardholder’s account as money back.

How to choose the right cashback card in the UAE?

If you want to apply for a cashback credit card in the UAE, firstly you must check the cashback earning factors for a particular card and then proceed with it. The cashback can be provided on various expenses like movie tickets, dining bills, travel tickets, groceries, fuel, regular expenses, etc. If you have a cashback credit card and if you purchase movie tickets, then a movie ticket cashback will be beneficial for you. If you are a person who dine out frequently, then earning cashback on dining will save a lot of money on your dining bills. To conclude, getting a credit card according to your spending needs and interests will be financially worthy.

Click here to check which documents needed in order to apply for a credit card in the UAE.

Best cashback credit cards in UAE 2021

According to our recent research, we have found out the best cash back credit cards to get in UAE this year (2021).

Mashreq Cash Back Credit Card

mashreq cashback

The Mashreq cash back credit card is one of the best cash back credit cards in the UAE offered by Mashreq Bank. This credit card is best suit for shopping lovers since its cardholders can earn cash back in terms of rewards points on their purchases, Also the card holders can converted the earned cash back into direct statement credit. This cash back card comes with wide range of benefits and offers and because of that reason, Mashreq cash back credit card consider one of the best credit cards in UAE.

Minimum SalaryAED 5,000
Annual FeeAED 0 (Free For Life)
Joining Offer – AED 500 Cash Reward

Key Features

Unlike other cards in the market, Mashreq Cashback Credit Card does not have any minimum spend thresholds. This means you will start saving on your spends from as little as AED 1/-

All retails purchases made on the card will be eligible for the cashback. Spends not qualified for cashback are:

  • Balance transfers
  • Local cash advances
  • Credit card cheques
  • Finance charges
  • All fees charged on the Card by the Bank
  • Transactions reversed by Merchants
  • Utility bill payments like telephone bills, water and electricity bills made through the Bank’s payment channels like Call Center, Mashreq Online, ATM, Mobile Banking, Branches or any other Bank’s payment channel.

Reward Features

Unlimited Cashback on all spend

  • 5% Cashback on dining spends in the UAE
  • 2% Cashback on international spends
  • 1% Cashback on other local spends
  • No caps. No complicated calculations. Just pure savings, guaranteed.

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A smarter way to choose the best suitable Credit Card from the wide range of banks and financial institutions is to understand the product information’s, check your tentative eligibility and apply online. Check Credit Card Eligibility here 

DEEM Titanium Cash Back Card

Best cashback card in uae- Bankbychoice

Deem finance Titanium credit card offers lots of attractive offers and benefits that make the cardholder’s day to day life easier and more entertaining. This cashback card offers airport lounge access, car rentals & Careem rides, because of this reason this cashback credit card makes travelling easier for the cardholder. The main highlight of this titanium cashback credit card is the cash up points, Which can be earned easily on making transactions using the card.

Minimum SalaryAED 5,000

Annual FeeAED 0 (Free for Life) 


Joining Offers – First year free and continue saving on Annual fee if your spend is greater than AED 2000 in a year.

Key Features

  • Enjoy attractive deals & discounts on casual dining, amusement parks, tourist attractions etc. via Deem Offers app
  • Earn up to 3% cash up on regular spend categories like supermarkets, fuel & utility bill payments (DEWA, SEWA etc.)
  • Complimentary airport lounge access
  • Free for the first year
  • Enjoy attractive deals and discounts with the Deem Offers app
  • 50% off on 3 movie tickets per month
  • 20% discount on 3 Careem rides every month
  • Up to 15% on Avis car rentals worldwide
  • Deem Double Secure protection which not only covers the credit card outstanding but also provides a nominee payout of equal amount

Reward Features

Earn Cash Up:
  • 3% unlimited Cash Up at supermarkets
  • 3% unlimited Cash Up on online shopping
  • Up to 3% on utilities & government services
  • 0.5% unlimited Cash Up on all other spends

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DEEM Platinum Cash Back Credit Card

Best cashback card in uae- Bankbychoice

Card holders can live their life to the fullest by owning this cashback card. This Deem platinum cash back card has a huge range of features available. Some of them are shopping, dining, travel, entertainment and etc. The cardholder can travel with convenience with the benefit of free access to more than 25 airport lounges in the Levant and the Middle East. The Double Secure insurance benefit on this Deem Finance Credit Card covers the outstanding amount of the credit card. Moreover, it also provides the nominee of the cardholder with an equivalent.

Minimum SalaryAED 10,000

Annual FeeAED 0 (Free For Life) 


Joining Offers – Free for life card

Key Features

  • Earn up to 10% on department store shopping including ready-to-wear apparel, fashion accessories, sportswear etc.
  • Up to 3% unlimited Cash Up on utilities
  • 1% cash up on all other retail spends
  • Earn up to 5% on entertainment like tourist attractions, kids entertainment, dining etc.
  • 4 Complimentary Valet parking services every month across UAE
  • Free for Life
  • Free Zomato Gold Membership
  • Careem chauffeur benefits – 20% off 3 rides every month
  • Mastercard Priceless Cities offers
  • Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 free offers
  • Discounts on dining, leisure and more with the Deem Offers app
  • Complimentary airport lounge access in 25+ lounges across the Middle East
  • Purchase protection cover up to 180 days from date of purchase
  • Up to 30% discounts on round trip international airfare or hotels from
  • Up to 15% on Avis car rentals worldwide
  • Enjoy purchase protection of up to USD 5,000 per annum up to 90 days from the date of purchase

Reward Features

Earn Cash up:
  • Up to 10% Cash Up at department stores
  • 5% unlimited Cash Up on online shopping
  • 5% unlimited Cash Up on online food delivery
  • 1% unlimited Cash Up on all other retail spends

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DEEM World Cash Back Credit Card

best cashback credit cards in uae- Bankbychoice

If you are looking for the best cashback credit cards in the UAE 2021 then this card will be the best option for you, If your monthly salary is above AED 25,000. When it comes to Deem world cashback card, It consider as a luxury card for those who like to indulge in various activities. Since it has a wide range of travel offers, those who travel frequently will definitely love this Deem world cashback card. Let’s say that if the card holder has spent 500 dirhams and more using this Deem Credit Card, they can enjoy the facility of making the repayment in the form of easy installments within a tenure that can range between three to 24 months at economical rates of interest. also this cashback card consider as one of the most popular credit cards in the UAE because of its attractive deals and discounts.

Minimum SalaryAED 25,000

Annual FeeAED 525

Rate% – 2.99%

Key Features

  • Earn up to 10% cashback on airline spends including through travel agents
  • Earn up to 5% cashback on hotel spends
  • Get 5% on all spends relating to entertainment
  • 1% cash up on all other retail spends worldwide
  • Complimentary 1 year zomato gold membership
  • Complimentary lounge access for yourself and a guest to over 1100 airport lounges globally
  • Free valet parking services at multiple locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Travel accident and medical cover up up to USD 500,000
  • Marriot Bonvoy Hotel Offers
  • 10 % discount on cleartrip
  • 20% discount on 3 Careem rides
  • Master card buy 1 get 1 offers
  • Avis and Hertz Car rental offers
  • Luxury service apartment discount

Reward Features

Earn Cash Up on all spend 

  • Up to 10% cash up on airline ticket purchases
  • Up to 5% cash up on hotel reservations
  • 1% cash up on all other retail spends worldwide
  • Up to 5% cash up on entertainment spend
  • Cash up earn rate is 0.50% for spends on fuel, transport, utility bills, government services etc.

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