Mashreq Credit Cards

Apply for a Mashreq credit cards and get up to 2500 AED as a joining bonus with 20% Cashback on Noon, Talabat, Zomato, Netflix, iTunes & More. Simply apply with your Emirates ID and get approval in less than 10 minutes.

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Mashreq Bank currently offers three types of credit cards, with benefits on daily expenses such as entertainment, dining and utility bill payment to international travel, hotel stays and much more. Watch the video to learn more about Mashreq credit cards.

Mashreq Cashback Visa Card

Mashreq Cashback card is a Free for life credit card. Members of this credit card can get cash back in the form of rewards points on their purchases, making it great for shopping. The cash back can then be converted into a direct statement credit. Members of this credit card can also enjoy the welcome offer double cash back in the initial three months.

Minimum Salary – AED 5000

Annual Membership Fee – No Annual Fees

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Double Cashback for the first 3 months. No Limits:

  • 10% cashback on dining spends in the UAE
  • 4% cashback on international spends 
  • 2% cashback on domestic spends
  • 20% off on Zomato, Uber & more )This offer is applicable for 6 months and is not unlimited)
  • 4 Salaam Points for every AED 1 local spend
  • 8 Salaam Points for every AED 1 international spend
  • 20% cashback at Netflix, Careem, Noon and more for the first 6 months
  • 5% cashback on dining spends in the UAE
  • 2% cashback on international spends
  • 1% cashback on domestic spends
  • No maximum caps, no minimum spend requirement
  • Up to 30% discount across 2,000 dining outlets in UAE
  • Instant cashback redemption
  • Complimentary travel insurance
  • Up to 55 days interest free period

Mashreq Platinum Elite Card

The Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card is one of a kind, allowing the cardholder to enjoy a life of luxury. The cardholder will enjoy anything from travel, shopping, dining, adventure, sports, and entertainment to complement their lifestyle.

Minimum Salary – AED 7000

Annual Membership Fee – AED 650

Features & Benefits
  • AED 1,500 as a joining bonus 
  • 20% off on Zomato, Uber, Talabat & more
  • Live the Elite Life. A host of exclusive discount offers awaits you across categories that are tailor made to suit your lifestyle. From a day out at the spa or a workout session at the gym or a day out with family – now you have it ALL.
  • Get complimentary access to more than 700+ airport lounges in over 300 cities right inside your wallet with your Mashreq Platinum Elite Card.*
  • Enjoy complimentary visits to Fitness First exclusively with your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card.
  • Airport pickup or drop, this facility is available at Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport.
  • As a Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card member you will earn 1 Salaam Point for every dirham of domestic spends and 3 Salaam points for every Dirham equivalent of International spends.

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Mashreq Solitaire Visa Card

The Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card is a super elite card that has been meticulously crafted and thoughtfully conceptualized to meet the needs, demands, and desires of the UAE region’s ever-discerning and affluent population. From luxurious fine dining to golf opportunities, the card gives the cardholder a plethora of exclusive privileges and benefits.

Minimum Salary – AED 25000

Annual Membership Fee – AED 1500

Features & Benefits
  • AED 2,500 as a joining bonus
  • 20% Cashback at Zomato, Careem, Netflix,, UberEats, iTunes, Uber, Du, Talabat, AmazonPrime, Dubainow & Etisalat
  • Unlimited Fitness First Privileges
  • Premium Golf Privileges
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Airport Pickup & Drop Services
  • Marhaba Silver Meet & Greet Services
  • Premium Dining privileges: You will get exclusive discounts of up to 30% at UAEs crème de la crème restaurants
  • Valet Parking Services
  • Car Registration and Servicing Pick up and Drop
  • Customized Loyalty Solution with Salaam points

Mashreq Credit Cards Exclusive Benefits

Unlimited Cashback on daily spends!
Unlimited Cashback on daily spends!
20% Cashback on your favorite E-Merchants
20% Cashback on your favorite E-Merchants
50% Discount on movie tickets!
50% Discount on movie tickets!
Free access to over 900 VIP airport lounges
Free access to over 900 VIP airport lounges
Free golf games at leading golf clubs
Free golf games at leading golf clubs

Key Features of Mashreq Credit Cards

Mashreq Bank credit cards are designed to meet the daily needs of clients, from highly secure services to distinctive incentives and advantages. Mashreq Bank credit cards are an easy bet for rewards and exclusive features, with almost half a century of experience in analyzing and responding client demands. The following are some of the most important features of Mashreq Bank credit cards.

1) Dedicated Customer Support: Mashreq bank has a dedicated team of professionals to resolve your credit card issues in the quickest possible time. You can conveniently reach out to them through phone, email, or online banking.  

2) Insurance & Security: Whether it’s online transactions or in-store purchases, Mashreq Bank’s security greatly prevents credit cards misuse. The multi-level security and transfer limit prevent the cards from being fraudulent and illegal use. Mashreq bank also offers an array of credit card insurances that protect the cardholders and their family during sudden unemployment, death, illness or fraudulent charges. The insurance programs available for every Mashreq Bank credit card are Credit Shield, Smart Protect, Pay Protect and Wallet Protect.

3) Mashreq Mobile Banking: Mashreq mobile banking app is a user-friendly and highly intuitive platform for secured and instantaneous transactions. Mashreq credit cardholders can conveniently access account statements, transfer funds, apply for various Mashreq products and withdraw cash without their card via the Mashreq Mobile banking application.

4) Easy Payment Plans: Mashreq bank credit cards come with an easy payment plan feature that allows customers to make purchases and pay later at lower rates and convenient instalment tenures of up to 36 months.  

Benefits of Mashreq Credit Cards

The rewards and incentives offered by Mashreq Bank credit cards are extremely noteworthy. These are just some of the most attractive benefits of a Mashreq credit card:

Balance Transfer Facility: Low interest rate balance transfers make the Mashreq credit card a solid option for customers looking to make a substantial dent in their debt. Individuals can make balance transfers can be made for up to 75% of the Mashreq credit card limit and repay in fixed installments within a tenure of 36 months.

Salaam Loyalty Program: A few Mashreq Bank credit cards like Solitaire and Platinum Elite cards automatically enroll cardholders into a Salaam Rewards loyalty program. Customers earn Salaam Points for every expense they make using a credit card. Further, they can use these points to avail of exclusive discounts on flights and hotel bookings, retail purchases, store vouchers and much more. 

Exclusive Visa Offers: Visa powered Mashreq credit cards come with deals and offers on lifestyle, entertainment, and dining expenses. 

Range of Cinema Offers: The Mashreq Bank credit cards offers 50% discount on Vox, Reel, and Novo Cinema. Cardholders can avail of up to 8 half-priced movie tickets by spending AED 10,000 in the previous month. 

Mashreq Bank Credit Cards Interest Rates & Annual Fees in UAE

The table below gives details about various Mashreq Bank credit card retail interest rates and annual membership fees. 

Name of the Card Annual FeeInterest Rate
Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit CardAED 650  3.33% for first 6 months, thereafter, up to 3.69% per
Mashreq Solitaire CardAED 1,5003.33% for first 6 months, thereafter, up to 3.69% per month
Mashreq Cashback Credit CardFree For LifeUp to 3.69% per month

Eligibility Criteria for Mashreq Bank Credit Card

Individuals must meet the following requirements to be eligible for various Mashreq Bank credit cards:

Age: The minimum age to apply for a Mashreq credit card is 18 years. 

Personal Information: Applicants need to share their personal details such as a valid ID and address proof. 

Credit History: Mashreq credit card staff will most assuredly run a detailed credit history check on the applicant. Past loan and repayment records are a good way of determining whether an applicant is likely to be a good customer or a risky one.

Monthly Income: Mashreq credit card comes with a minimum monthly income requirement. The applicant will have to present the latest income certificate or salary slip.

Nationality: Mashreq Bank credit cards are only available for UAE residents and nationals.

Documents Required for Mashreq Bank Credit Card 

You can apply for any Mashreq Credit Cards with your Emirates ID. No other documents required.

Interest Rates for Mashreq Bank Credit Card

Name of the CardMonthly Retail Interest (in %)Monthly Cash Advance Interest (in %)
Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit CardUp to 3.69% per month3.33% for the first 6 months3.75% per month
Mashreq Solitaire CardUp to 3.69% per month3.33% for the first 6 months3.75% per month
Mashreq Cashback Credit CardUp to 3.69% per month3.33% for the first 6 months3.75% per month

Mashreq Bank Credit Card Limit

Each credit card has a credit limit determined by Mashreq Bank based on the individual’s earnings and credit score. This credit limit has a direct impact on the amount of security deposit Mashreq Bank requires from its applicants.

While the bank reserves the right to increase or decrease the credit limit on any Mashreq credit card, consumers may request it. Customers must make a request for a credit limit increase using one of the methods below, along with an acceptable explanation.

1) By visiting a Mashreq Bank branch. The full list of branches can be found online. Be sure to carry the appropriate Mashreq Bank credit card with you.

2) By calling a Mashreq Bank representative at (+971) 442-44444

3) By submitting an online application, which can be done through the bank’s website.

Mashreq Bank Credit Card Charges

Mashreq Bank credit cards have additional fees and levies in addition to their yearly membership cost. The following are the major charges assessed on Mashreq credit cards.

Mashreq Credit Card’s FeaturesFees & Charges
Balance Transfer Interest Rate (per month)As communicated at the point of sale
Balance Transfer Process FeeAs communicated at the point of sale
Balance Transfer Cancellation/Early Settlement FeeAED 100 + 5% VAT
Retail Interest Rate (per month)Up to 3.69% per month
Cash Advance Interest Rate3.75% per month
Cash Advance Fee3.15% or AED 210 (Whichever is higher)
Foreign Transaction Fee2.79%
Card Replacement ChargeAED 78.8
Late Payment FeeAED 241.5
Over Limit FeeAED 292.95

Mashreq Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

All collected charges and outstanding amounts are listed on a monthly statement sent by Mashreq Bank credit cards. They can pay their credit card payments in a variety of ways.

Offline: Mashreq credit card owners can make payments at any of the Mashreq Bank branches across the UAE via cash or cheque. The addresses for Mashreq Bank branches can be found online.

Cheque: Cardholders also have the option to mail in a cheque to a Mashreq Bank branch. Make sure to include your account number and contact details on the back of the cheque.

Online: Payments for a Mashreq credit card can also be made through Mashreq’s online banking portal, known as MashreqOnline. The online banking portal is extremely useful for keeping track of expenses, making card payments, transferring funds, and more.

How to Cancel a Mashreq Bank Credit Card?

Individuals willing to cancel the Mashreq Bank credit card can follow the below-mentioned steps. 

The credit cardholder must inform the bank of credit card cancellation in person or via phone. The contact number for Mashreq Bank is (+971) 442-44444

Next, the cardholder must ensure all dues on their Mashreq credit card are paid in full.

The Mashreq Bank representative will subsequently cancel the credit card. During the process, the cardholder will have to submit all the primary and secondary cards.

Refund of security deposit amount can take up to as much as 45 days from the date of the cancellation request.

It is advised to request Mashreq Bank for a No-Liability Letter. The letter is proof that the Mashreq credit card member has cleared all dues. It may be required when exiting the country. The bank charges a nominal payment for issuing the No-Liability Letter.

Why you should choose a Mashreq credit cards?

Mashreq credit card holders can take advantage of a variety of rewards and investment options offered by Mashreq Bank. The most appealing features of a Mashreq Bank credit card are its dependability and global connection. Here are a few reasons why you should use a Mashreq credit card.

1) Experience & Team Size: Mashreq Bank has continually developed over the course of its 50-year banking history to capture the best interests of its customers. Mashreq Bank is currently one of the largest privately-owned banks in the UAE, employing over 4,000 people.

2) Transparent: Mashreq Bank offers fantastic investment prospects to its cardholders and keeps all of its shareholders up to date on the specific nature of its earnings on a regular basis. Mashreq Bank, which presents itself as a transparent and friendly company, freely releases information on its financial holdings upon request. Customers can easily request the same via the internet.

3) Credit Ratings: Mashreq Bank’s stock price has risen and fallen over the years, moving with the market’s vagaries. However, their dedication to supporting wise investment options and maintaining the Mashreq credit card products on a regular basis has won them positive credit ratings from key credit agencies all over the world. Mashreq Bank has received a ‘Baa1’ rating from Moody’s and a ‘A’ rating from Fitch. Complete information on stock prices, credit ratings, and other topics can be accessed on the internet.

4) Global Incentives: The remarkable array of Elite Mashreq Platinum credit card privileges is a wonderful example of global rewards. The Visa-powered Mashreq Platinum Elite card comes with a variety of Visa-exclusive lifestyle, leisure, and travel benefits.

5) Variety of Payment Plans: Every Mashreq Bank credit card gives the cardholder access to Mashreq’s 0% interest Easy Payment Plan (EPP). A 0% EPP is nothing new and most banks offer their own version of the same. But Mashreq’s EPP is unique in the way that it is available for Mashreq credit cards and also to a variety of vendors in UAE. The EPP scheme is applicable on cosmetics, groceries, electronics, home decor, fashion apparel, flights and much more.

Customer Testimonials


Thanks to Bank by choice I managed to get my Mashreq cashback card with my emirates ID. Really happy with the new digital journey since it does not required any documents.
Woman  Posing
I’m very satisfied with the new journey. Within 3 days I got my Mashreq Platinum Elite visa card. Also I’m very pleased with the Bank By Choice customer service department.
Man Posing
This is a very user friendly platform when it comes to applying for a credit card. Hassle Free. I don’t have to submit any documents. Got my approval within few minutes.
Young Man Posing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are supplementary cards?

Supplementary or add on cards are issued to the family members of the primary cardholder. They function exactly like a primary card and are even eligible for the same benefits. However, all the billings and fees are charged to the primary credit card. The primary cardholder has full control over supplementary credit cards and can set spending limits on supplementary cards.

The bank may charge separate annual fees for the supplementary credit card ranging from AED 0 to 630.

What is an over-limit fee?

If outstanding or current balance surpasses the credit limit, the cardholder needs to pay an over-limit fee. Interest, cash advances and other charges are also included in the outstanding balance of an account.

Mashreq Bank credit cards charge an over-limit fee of AED 292.95.

What is a cash advance?

Any cash withdrawal using a credit card from an ATM or a branch is referred to as a cash advance. Credit cards charge high interest rates on cash advances, so it is better to keep withdrawals to a bare minimum. Use a debit card instead to make cash withdrawals. Credit card withdrawals incur a cash advance fee and charges interest on the withdrawn amount, starting from the date of the withdrawal itself.

Mashreq credit cards charge a cash advance fee of 3.15% of the transaction amount up to a maximum of AED 210. Furthermore, the cardholder also needs to pay a cash advance interest rate of 3.75% per month from the date of the transaction.

How do I access airport lounges using my Mashreq credit card?

Not all credit cards offer airport lounge access. Ensure that your card allows lounge access, or else you may be charged during entry. Additionally, only the partner airports will permit lounge access. To gain entry, you need to present the credit card at the airport reception.

The Solitaire Mashreq Bank credit card offers cardholders access to over 900 airport lounges globally.

Will I earn loyalty points on online purchases as well?

es, the cardholder earns loyalty points on all online and retail purchases made using a Mashreq credit card. However, you need to ensure whether your credit card offers loyalty points or not. Furthermore, factors such as the type of currency being used (foreign or local), type of items being purchased (grocery and real estate purchases may earn less) and yearly earning limits can determine whether you earn points.

Some of the Mashreq Bank credit cards automatically enrol the cardholder into the Salaam Rewards loyalty program. Salaam Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel reservations, retail store discounts, Novo cinema movies tickets and much more.

Where do I make my credit card payments?

Credit cardholders have to make minimum monthly payments by a specified payment due date to avoid late fees and delinquencies in their credit history. These payments can be made in a variety of ways, depending on the bank. Payments for a Mashreq Bank credit card can be made in the following ways:

  • By mail: The Mashreq credit card owner may send in a cheque with their account number clearly mentioned (on the back) to any of the Mashreq Bank branches. The branch addresses can be found online.
  • In-Person: Customers can also visit any of the Mashreq Bank branches to pay for their card in cash or cheque. 
  • Online: Mashreq credit card owners can submit payments for their card through Mashreq Bank’s online portal known as Mashreq Online.