Listed below are the top savings accounts in UAE offered by different banks and financial institutions.

  1. ADCB Active Saver Account
  2. Emirates NBD Tiered Savings Account
  3. CBI Mabrook Savings Account
  4. HSBC Savings Account
  5. DIB Savings Account (Shaatir Savings Account)
  6. NBQ Savings Account
  7. NBAD Elite Gold Savings Account

ADCB Active Saver Account

  • ADCB is considered the best bank in Dubai for a savings account, specifically aimed at the UAE nationals as well as for residents with a valid visa. Active Saver Account offered by ADCB is an online only account which can be opened only through ADCB online internet banking. The applicant aged 21 years or above can open an ADCB Active Saver Account online in just a few clicks. The minimum amount required to open an account is AED 1,000. It offers a high interest rate which is calculated on daily balance. Moreover, only individuals can opt for this account, this account is not open for business purposes.

Emirates NBD Tiered Savings Account

  • Emirates NBD Tiered Savings Account offers high interest rates which depends on the daily balance maintained in the account. It is available in various currencies such as AED, SAR, USD and QAR. It offers a free international ATM card and debit card after the account is opened. UAE nationals, non-residents and GCC nationals are eligible for this account.

CBI Mabrook Savings Account

  • CBI Mabrook Savings Account is offered by Commercial Bank International of UAE. In CBI Mabrook Savings Account, the interest is applicable at 0.25% semi-annually and it offers one free debit card worldwide. A minimum balance of AED 500 has to be maintained in the account. Hence, only residents of UAE are eligible for this plan.

HSBC Savings Account

  • The HSBC Savings Account offers the option of opening the account in multiple currencies. Some of the main features of the savings account is high withdrawal limit, free international debit card, multiple transactions and so on.

DIB Savings Account (Shaatir Savings Account)

  • Shaatir Savings Account is a unique savings account offered by Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). This account is specially designed for children. It offers higher benefits and doesn’t require a minimum balance. One can avail the ‘Shaatir Savings Box’, a free gift with the account.

NBQ Savings Account

  • NBQ Savings Account is offered by National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain (NBQ). With this account, you can earn interest on your credit balance. The account can be opened in three major currencies such as USD, GBP and AED. It also has a savings scheme for children called ‘Alwan’.

NBAD Elite Gold Savings Account

  • This savings account offered by NBAD is meant to provide access to privileged banking services to account holders. There is no minimum balance that needs to be maintained in the account. Also, the customer gets four free local fund transfers every month.