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The Mashreq Cashback Card is one of the Mashreq Bank’s top credit cards. Members of this credit card can get cash back in the form of rewards points on their purchases, making it great for shopping. The cash back can then be converted into a direct statement credit. This Mashreq Bank credit card comes with a large selection of features and offers that are unequaled by any other credit card available in the UAE, in addition to cash back.

Features of the Mashreq Cashback Card

  • A wide range of benefits are available.

  • No Annual fee

  • Interest rates start at 3.45%.

  • Balance transfer available

  • The foreign transaction rate starts at 2.79%.

Following are the key features of the cash back credit card offered by the Mashreq Bank:

Free For Life

  • This credit card is free for life because it never charges an annual membership fee. Unlike conventional cashback credit cards, which require the cardholder to pay an annual fee, this unusual financial tool has no such requirement.

0% Easy Payment Plan

  • The Mashreq Cashback Card has a 0% Easy Payment Plan feature. It allows cardholders to use this card to make purchases of AED 1000 or more, and then have their large purchases converted into equivalent monthly instalments at partner retailers at a 0% interest rate. The Mashreq bank’s easy payment plan allows customers to make large payments all at once, which may then be broken down into smaller chunks and simply reimbursed to the bank.

Balance Transfers

  • Cardholders can transfer the balance of their other credit cards to this Mashreq Cashback card at a low interest rate. Most credit cards now provide a balance transfer option, which allows customers to shift their outstanding financial commitments to a credit card that can be repaid at a cheaper interest rate. When transferring a balance to a credit card, it’s vital to remember that the cardholder will be charged a balance transfer fee.

Easy Cash

  • Easy cash is a useful feature that provides financial assistance to members of this credit card when they have a financial emergency. It’s comparable to insurance coverage in that it protects your loved ones and family members financially in the event of a disaster.

cashback credit card in UAE

Benefits of the Mashreq Cashback Card

Given below are some of the key benefits of the Mashreq Cashback card:

DragonPass Fly & Dine Programme

Members of the Mashreq Cashback Card may take advantage of airport dining deals at over 200 locations worldwide. To redeem these airport dining offers, they simply need to complete the steps outlined below:

  • First of all, download the mobile app of Dine & Fly.
  • And then, complete the process of registration
  • Search for all the participating restaurants
  • Advise the staff of the restaurant about the DragonPass membership
  • Afterwards, click on redeem in the Dine & Fly app in order to avail the discounted offer.

Visa Mena Offers Powered By Entertainer

  • Cardholders can get two-for-one bargains on entertainment, food, and shopping, as well as over 5000 travel discounts. All customers have to do is download the Visa Deals Mena App, enter their 16-digit card number to open it, register their information to login, and then choose their destination and peruse their special offers.

Visa Benefits

  • Members of the Mashreq Cashback card can enjoy Visa benefits that are offered by Visa.

Travel Insurance

  • Members of this Mashreq credit card can take advantage of multi-trip travel insurance, which covers medical emergencies, lost baggage, and trip cancellation costs. It also comes with a slew of extra perks that might help cardholders get the most out of their holiday.

Purchase Protection

  • The Mashreq Cashback card comes with a feature of purchase protection that provides the protection against accidental damage or theft of the items that have purchased using this card.

Extended Warranty

  • Members of this credit card can also take advantage of an extended warranty, which doubles the original manufacturer’s guarantee period for a maximum of one year. As a result, it protects the cardholder against the cost of repairing or replacing an item purchased with this card.

Mashreq Cashback Card Rewards & Offers

Members of the Mashreq Cashback Credit card can enjoy the following offers and rewards with this card:

Unlimited Cash Back

On all purchases, save Mashreq Online Banking payments and cash transactions, cardholders can earn cash back benefits in the form of cash back. Unlike other credit cards on the market, the Mashreq card has no minimum spending requirement.

Furthermore, the cardholder will receive infinite cash back on all transactions made with the Mashreq Cashback Credit card, as shown in the table below:

Cashback Category Cashback Rate (in percentage)
Dining spends across the United Arab Emirates 5
Foreign spends 2
Domestic spends 1


Welcome Offer Double Cashback

Members of this credit card can also take advantage of a welcome promotion that gives them double cash back for the first three months. They can get infinite cash back on all of their Mashreq credit card purchases, as shown in the table below:

Cashback Category Cashback Rate (in percentage)
Dining spends across the United Arab Emirates 5
Foreign spends 2
Domestic spends 1


A Maximum of 12 percent discount at Agoda

Card members can enjoy 12% off on booking promotion eligible properties using the Mashreq Cashback Credit card at the official website of Visa Agoda.

Dining Discounts

Card members can avail a maximum of 35% off at more than 2000 restaurants via Mashreq Flavours Program.

Eligibility Criteria for the Mashreq Cashback Card

Credit Card ModuleMinimum Salary
Cashback Credit CardAED 5000
Platinum Elite Credit CardAED 7000
Noon VIP Credit CardAED 10,000
Solitaire Credit CardAED 25,000

Documents Required for Mashreq Cashback Card

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport
  • Resident visa(for expats)
  • Address proofs(utility bills)

Fees & Charges for Mashreq Cashback Card

Following are the fees & charges associated with the Mashreq Cashback Credit card:

Fees & ChargesAmount
Annual Membership FeeAED 0
Retail Interest Rate3.45 %
Late Payment ChargesAED 230
Over limit ChargesAED 279
Foreign Transaction Charges2.79%

How to Apply for the Mashreq Cashback Credit Card?

An applicant can apply for the Mashreq Cashback card online, offline, or through phone banking:


  • Those interested in applying for the Mashreq Cashback Credit card should go to the Mashreq Bank’s official website.


  • Alternatively, an individual can apply for a Mashreq credit card by going to a nearby bank branch and submitting the relevant documents along with the credit card application form.

Phone Banking

  • The applicant also has an option of phone banking to connect with the bank and apply for this Mashreq Cashback Credit card

FAQs on Mashreq Cashback Credit Card

Q1: What is the annual membership fee charged on the Mashreq Cashback Credit card?

Ans: The Mashreq Cashback Credit card does not charge an annual membership fee that is why it is also known as a free for life credit card.

Q2: Is there any minimum spending criteria to earn cash back on this Mashreq credit card?

Ans: Unlike other credit cards available in the market, this card does not have any kind of minimum spend threshold. Meaning that you’ll begin saving on your spends from as low as AED 1.

Q3: Can I earn cash back on all categories using this Mashreq Cashback card?

Ans: All retail transactions made on the Mashreq Cashback card will be eligible for earning cash back except the following categories:

  • Local cash withdrawals
  • Balance transfers
  • Credit card cheques
  • Finance charges
  • Transactions reversed by Merchants
  • All charges charged on the Mashreq Cashback Credit card by the bank
  • Utility bill payments such as electricity, telephone, and water bills

Q4: Can I redeem cash back for something else other than cash?
Ans: Please note that the earned cash back can only be redeemed as cash credit to the card account.

Q5: Is there any expiry date for the cash back?
Ans: Yes, the earned cash back has a maximum validity of 18 months from the earning date. If you would not redeem the earned cash back within this time frame then it will be expired.

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