Credit Card Offers In UAE

Let’s compare the latest credit card offers in UAE. Here You’ll find the best credit cards for Cinema Offers, Travel Offers and Golf Offers that are available at the moment in the UAE


Best Credit Card Travel Offers In UAE

Are you looking for a travel rewards credit card that won’t let you down? We’ve rated the best Skywards Miles-linked credit cards that get you free flights, upgrades, and a slew of other Emirates Airlines perks! What characteristics distinguish a well-rounded travel card? Is it the opportunity to win miles, the ease of having access to an airport lounge, or the privilege of being picked up and dropped off at the airport for free? The response is yes to all of these questions and more – the more benefits, the better the card! If you’re a long-time UAE resident, you’ll know how much we adore Emirates Airlines, which operates out of our own sunny Dubai and flies to 159 destinations around the world. So, what could be better than a card that gives you all the advantages of flying with Emirates, as well as a slew of other perks?

1ADIB Emirates Skywards World & World Elite Cards
credit card travel offers in uae

When a cardholder makes purchases with the card, air miles are won. Any good transaction earns and collects regular travel points or miles for the cardholder This set of Shariah-compliant covered cards takes the top spot on our list for many reasons. Let’s start with the most notable feature: the cardholder’s fast track to Emirates Skywards Gold Tier membership. Although all Emirates Skywards Silver membership is free for all cardholders, you can upgrade to the coveted Gold Tier membership by meeting a few simple requirements. To get and keep your Gold Tier status with the World Elite card, you’ll need to spend AED 5,500 with Emirates. You’ll also need to pay a minimum of AED 150,000 per year to qualify for the World card.

Another fantastic benefit is the free (up to four times a year) home check-in service, which allows you to check in your Emirates flight luggage and have it picked up directly from your home, office, or hotel. That’s not everything, though. Additionally, you can receive free airport transfers (up to four times a year), unrestricted global access to 900+ airport lounges, 24-hour concierge facilities, and travel inconvenience and medical coverage. The lifestyle benefits offered here include free rounds of golf and free valet parking at select UAE locations.

How many miles can you earn?

Skywards Miles Earn RateEmirates/flydubai spendInternational spendDomestic spend
World Elite3 Miles per USD 12 Miles per USD 11.5 Miles per USD 1
World2.5 Miles per USD 11.5 Miles per USD 11 Miles per USD 1

2. Citibank – Emirates Citibank Ultima & Ultimate Credit Cards

Are you looking for a travel rewards credit card that won’t let you down? We’ve rated the best Skywards Miles-linked credit cards that get you free flights, Citibank’s co-branded travel credit cards allow you to earn Skywards points and enjoy travel perks. A complimentary Emirates Skywards Silver membership and two complimentary Marhaba Silver Meet & Greet services are included with the premium Ultima credit card. One free Marhaba Bronze Meet & Greet service is included with the Ultimate credit card each year. Both cards come with complimentary access to over 1,000 airport lounges around the world.
The non-travel perks aren’t half bad either. Free movie tickets, free golf rounds in the UAE, and 150 free VoucherSkout credits are all included in the package.

How many miles can you earn?

Skywards Miles Earn RateEmirates spendInternational spendDomestic spend
Ultima2.5 Miles per USD 11.5 Miles per USD 11 Miles per USD 1
UltimateN/A1.25 Miles per USD 11 Miles per USD 1

3. Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite & Signature Credit Cards
Emirates NBD credit card offers

The flagship travel cards from Emirates NBD are sure to entice frequent flyers. The Infinite card comes with a complimentary Emirates Skywards Silver membership, four free airport transfers in the UAE every year via the concierge desk, and 50% off airport transfers via Careem. The Infinite and Signature cards both have access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world, as well as international medical and travel assistance. The advantages to one’s way of life are also excellent. Free rounds of golf at five of the UAE’s most famous golf courses, complimentary valet parking, and Visa 2-for-1 offers are just a few of the benefits.

How many miles can you earn?

Skywards Miles Earn RateEmirates/flydubai spendInternational spendDomestic spend
Skywards Infinite2 Miles per USD 11.5 Miles per USD 11 Miles per USD 1
Skywards Signature1.5 Miles per USD 11 Miles per USD 10.75 Miles per USD 1


Best Credit Card Golf Offers In UAE

The United Arab Emirates has some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses. In the United Arab Emirates, golf has evolved into more than a sport. It has become ingrained in the culture. Golf has become a popular venue for holding business meetings and other events. It’s no surprise that banks sell golf cards to entice customers.

The best credit cards for golfers are described below.

1. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card
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This credit card offers a round of golf for free every month. The card member can play golf at different golf courses. These golf courses include Saadiyat Beach golf club, Jumeirah golf estates, etc. The card members also have the luxury of accessing the health club Fitness First for free in the UAE. To be eligible for this credit card, the applicant must be 21 years or above. He must also have a minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000. This credit card also offers, air miles, VIP airport lounge access, offers at VOX cinemas, etc.

2. Emirates NBD Visa Platinum Credit Card
Credit card offers in dubai enbd

Emirates provides its card holders a free round of golf at some of the finest golf courses in the UAE. Address Montgomerie, The Track Meydan Golf Club, Arabic Ranges Golf Club, Yas Links Golf Club, and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club are among these sites. To qualify for the complimentary gift, the cardholder must spend at least AED 10,000 on his Emirates Platinum card. If a cardholder fails to turn up for a scheduled game, the bank charges a “no-show” fee. This credit card has an annual fee of AED 800. A minimum salary of AED 18000 is required to apply for an Emirates NBD Visa Platinum credit card. He should also be at least 21 years old. Links to airport lounges, free concierge facilities, and touch points for every AED 100 spent are among the additional benefits of this credit card.

3. Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card
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The free round of golf can be played at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Arabian Ranches, The Els Club, The Montgomerie, and The Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Once a month, a card member will enjoy a complimentary round of gold. However, the cardholder must pay AED 5000 per month to qualify for this bid. It’s worth noting that if a cardholder fails to show up for a scheduled game, the bank can incur a fee. Travel insurance, restaurant discounts, airport lounge access, worldwide concierge facilities, air mile points, and other perks come with the Emirates Citibank Ultima credit card.

4. ADCB Touchpoint Infinite Credit Card
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Members of the card get unlimited access to golf courses after spending AED 5000. Meydan Golf Dubai, The Track, YAS Links Golf Club Abu Dhabi, and Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai are among these golf courses. Other perks of the ADCB Touchpoint Infinite Credit Card include discounts at VOX Cinemas, access to airport lounges, a Careem offer, and worldwide concierge services. For every AED invested, cardholders receive one touchpoint. This credit card has no annual membership charge.


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