CBD Digi Loan

Apply with your Emirates ID, No salary transfer required. Amount credited instantly with loan tenure up to 48 months.

Commercial Bank of Dubai

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All you need is your Emirates ID to apply for CBD Digi loan. No Salary transfer required. No paperwork. No branch visits.

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100% digital application on the CBD mobile app.

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Paperless loan processing using only your Emirates ID

Emirates ID

Avail high loan amount up to AED 150,000 with Loan tenure up to 48 months

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Amount credited instantly and No salary transfer required

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Fees & Charges

Processing fee1% flat of loan amount (VAT is applicable) (minimum AED 525 and maximum AED 2,625)
Interest on loanAs per credit policy for personal loan
Part-payment from own sources1% (VAT is applicable); Max AED 10,500
Part-payment from other bank1% (VAT is applicable); Max AED 10,500
Early settlement from own source1% (VAT is applicable); Max AED 10,500
Early settlement from other bank1% of remaining balance (VAT is applicable) or AED10,500 whichever is lower
Life insurance0.82% of loan amount
Postponement requestAED 105
Re-scheduling of loanAED 262.50
Loan cancellation feeAED 105
Final settlement from other sources/End of Service Benefits1% (VAT is applicable); Max AED 10,500
Late payment penal interest chargesMax AED 200
 Issuance of liability letter to other banksAED 63

Can I get loan with my Emirates ID?

Tes, Of course. You can apply for a personal loan only with your Emirates ID alone.

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