How to get cheap car insurance in Dubai

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Every owner of a motor vehicle in the UAE is required by law to have a motor insurance policy. Whether you are purchasing a new car, a used car, or simply renewing your existing car insurance. It is mandatory that you  apply for a car insurance policy. There are lot of companies out there who claim to offer an competitive policy options. This makes it difficult to compare policies and ultimately to choose the cheap car insurance in the Dubai & UAE.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to get cheap car insurance in Dubai & UAE. While there is no foolproof formula for lowering the cost of car insurance, we are happy to share some tried and tested methods. However, finding the best car insurance in the UAE is a relatively simple and straightforward process, with a variety of providers and plans to choose from. In this blog, we’ll share our top 5 methods to get the cheapest car insurance in Dubai, UAE . Try them out and see how much money you can save!

Consider the Vehicle Type Before Purchasing

Before purchasing a vehicle, research how much it will cost to insure. Let’s face it, the Ford Mustang is appealing, but even if you buy an older model, it won’t be as cheap to insure as a Toyota Corolla! Purchasing a car is only the beginning: you must also consider operating costs (fuel consumption and maintenance), of which insurance is a component. Always include these in your overall purchasing budget!

Car insurance coverage

Consider Increasing Your Policy’s Excess

Excess is the amount you must pay if you file a claim. Most motor policies have two types of excess: compulsory, which is an amount determined by the insurer based on the nature of the claim (for example, windscreen losses may be AED 500 and accidental own damage AED 1500), and voluntary. As the name implies, voluntary is the amount you choose to pay, and this amount is entirely up to you. Increasing the amount you agree to pay can reduce your premium, but make sure you can afford the amount you choose because you will be expected to pay it towards any claims you may have.

Consider Your No Claims Bonus Before Claiming

If you haven’t made a claim in the previous insurance year, your insurer will usually give you a discount at your next renewal. This is typically a percentage of the rate or premium charged, so not filing claims may save you money. This is something to think about if you have an incident where you could make a claim on your policy but the amount is one you’d happily cover yourself. This may make sense if you were claiming a small amount, such as a cracked windscreen or bodywork damage for a few hundred dirhams, but the potential to build up no claims discount could save you far more.

Say no to Auto-Renew ; Unless You Have To

Auto-renew may seem like the obvious decision because when it comes to protecting our cars, we’re all looking for ease. Indeed it’s the easiest choice, but is the easiest choice necessarily the best and are the alternatives truly that much more difficult? Choosing auto-renewal exposes you to the following dangers:

  • Overspending on your insurance
  • Missing out on excellent offers that are currently available in the market
  • Not knowing what your “real” premium should be because it’s possible that your old premium rate was just “rolled over”
  • Not obtaining all the value-added benefits you may obtain elsewhere, such as incentives, discounts, and deals from joint ventures that your present insurer is unable to offer
  • Since you are renewing based on the present structure of your product or policy, you are not receiving the broadest coverage possible.

Finding alternatives isn’t difficult or complicated, but we understand that it can take time, which is why you should make your first port of call. They conduct market research so you don’t have to, and their services are just as thorough as the insurance products as they offer! The effort required to renew with your existing insurance is the same because all it takes is a phone call or click to get in touch with us, but you could be getting so much more!

Increase Your Earnings

Why strain yourself when you can lengthen your payment period? Speak with your insurance provider about payment plans that will lighten your load. After all, you may need car insurance, but you don’t have to feel the pressure of paying an annual premium all at once! Inquire with one of our advisors for more information, and get the coverage you want today and pay later!

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