Digital Banking in UAE

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We’ve all seen a variety of digital banking solutions that can assist financial institutions in improving their customer onboarding processes. Digital banking in the UAE is expanding at a quicker rate than ever before; but, what exactly is digital banking? Continue reading to discover more.

An introduction to digital banking

Banking used to be a time-consuming activity. For example, if you needed cash, you had to go to a bank branch, hand over a check to a bank employee, acquire a token, and wait for the cashier to call your number. You had to wait a long time in the first week of a month, when there was a dash for cash among consumers. Thankfully, all of that is no longer the case. The way people do business has changed as a result of digital banking. All you have to do now to receive cash is go to the nearest ATM, insert your card, and you’ll have cash in less than a minute! Furthermore, going digital provides you with the ideal opportunity to enjoy a paperless banking experience, eliminating the need to keep track of your transactions or financial history via physical paperwork. In today’s world, digital banking has drastically transformed the way we bank. You may transact more quickly, easily, and conveniently with Digital Banking.

What is digital banking?

Digital banking is the digitization (or turning online) of all the traditional banking activities and programs services that were historically only available to customers when physically inside of a bank branch. This includes activities like…

  • Money Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers
  • Checking/Saving Account Management
  • Apply for a Credit Card
  • Apply for a Personal Loan
  • Loan Management
  • Bill Pay
  • Account Services

Digital banking, often known as e-banking, has grown in popularity over the previous few decades. Importantly, digital banking portals enable banks to provide typical banking services to customers via their PC or mobile device. Customers and the bank both benefit from these services since they save time and money. As a result, they are more popular than ever before.

What is the difference between online banking and digital banking?

These two words are largely interchangeable. But, unlike digital banking, we characterize online banking as largely focusing on remote deposits, money transfers, bill pay, and basic online account management. Internet banking, virtual banking, and e-banking are some other terms for online banking. So, while internet banking focuses on digitizing the “core” components of banking, digital banking involves digitizing every program and activity that financial institutions and their customers engage in.

What are the advantages of digital banking?

Given all of the benefits that digital banking provides to the industry, it’s simple to see why every bank now offers its customers some type of digital banking. This high-tech integration will benefit both clients and banks. The following are some of the benefits of online banking:

  • Open bank account online
  • Apply for loans, credit cards online
  • Check account summary
  • Get e-statements
  • Avail banking services 24/7
  • Transfer funds to other accounts at ease
  • Move funds from one account to another easily
  • Can maintain different accounts easily
  • Get debit cards/ credit cards/ chequebook delivered at your preferred location
  • Avail banking services even during holidays
  • Need not visit the bank and wait in queues
  • Can get in touch with banking officials easily on any related queries
  • No charges are levied to avail Digital Banking

Digital banking Tips for Users

Make sure that you keep the following tips in mind whenever you use the facility of digital banking.

  • Do not to write down your passwords or log in credentials anywhere
  • Do not share your credentials with anyone including banking officials
  • Do not tell your banking card PIN to anyone
  • If your card is lost, report it on the bank website or app immediately and get it blocked

Digital banking in UAE

Banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been in the forefront of implementing digital solutions. Several banks in the UAE have launched digital banking efforts ranging from the creation of distinct digital-only banking platforms to the enhancement of existing mobile banking services. The UAE has undergone a dramatic digital transition in recent years, aided by a government that has prioritized the development of all essential digital infrastructure through significant spending and private investment. With around 30% of the region’s fintech firms situated in the UAE, the country is quickly emerging as a startup hub for the regional financial sector.

Emirates NBD (ENBD) launched Liv., a millennials-focused digital banking service that quickly became a big hit.

CBD NOW, a mobile offering from Commercial Bank of Dubai, is aimed at millennials and digitally connected customers.

Mashreq Neo, a full-service digital bank, was created by Mashreq Bank.

Also spearheading the charge in the Digital Business Banking market are Emirates NBD and Mashreq Bank, with Mashreq Neo Biz and E20 Digital Business Bank being the only two digital business banking apps in the UAE at the present.

Digital Banking continues to see growth within the financial sector. Importantly, a multitude of major banking institutions in UAE diverted funds from the creation of new branches into e-banking platform upgrades recently.

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