There are different types of motor vehicle insurance options available in UAE. The major ones are illustrated below.

  • Comprehensive/Fully Comprehensive (Basic) – Insurance companies are legally obligated to provide this insurance at a price level of 3-5% of the value of the car. This covers damage to the own car.
  • Comprehensive with options – Customers could choose options like dealer repair, free car hire, insurance in other GCC countries and recognition of no-claim bonuses. These will cost the consumer about 3-10% of the car value.
  • Comprehensive premium level – This comes at an extra 2% value of the car and is restricted to certain conditions and limitations.
  • Third Party – This policy covers damage in case of incidences with an external party. The third party needs to be insured if a claim has to be made against them under third party rules.
  • Third Party fire and theft – This is the legal minimum one is required to have and is the cheapest option. In case of an accident the insurance policy will not pay for damages to the own vehicle, the insurance provider of the person who caused the accident will be required to pay for damages.

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