Types of credit cards available in the UAE

Not every credit card offered in the UAE is the same. They vary with the services that they have to offer and the rewards that they offer. Some of the most common types of credit cards are:

  • Travel Credit Cards: These are credit cards that provide you with benefits like access to premium airport lounges, or extra air miles when you use this card to book flights.
  • Shopping Credit Cards: Shopping credit cards offers with special offers such as discounts and cashback when they are used at select stores and outlets.
  • Cashback Credit Cards: A certain percentage of your spending is converted into cash and returned to your credit card account.
  • Dining Credit Cards: These cards provide customers with attractive discounts and offers at participating restaurants.
  • Entertainment Credit Cards: You get discounts and offers on movie tickets, bookings made at water parks, etc.
  • Rewards Credit Cards: You get bonus reward points for taking the card, you can earn higher reward points on purchases for every AED spent on the card
  • Islamic Credit Cards: These are compliant with the Sharia laws of Islamic banking and charge no interest.
  • Insurance Credit Cards: This card comes with insurance benefits like Takaful insurance, personal accident cover or travel insurance.
  • Fuel Credit Cards:Fuel credit cards get you special discounts and offers when you use them to fill fuel in your vehicle.
  • Groceries Credit Cards:These cards give you access to special offers when they are used at certain retail stores.
  • Premium Credit Cards: These credit cards give customers a feeling of exclusivity. They usually combine the benefits that you get with your travel or shopping credit cards.
  • Lifestyle Credit Cards: These credit cards offer access to discounts and offers from places like spas and gyms.
  • Utilities Credit Cards: These credit cards allow cardholders access to special offers and rewards when they use it to pay for the utilities.
  • Golf Credit Cards: These cards provide access to premier golf courses. You get discounts on membership fee or privileges like playing at certain clubs for free.
  • Co-Branded Credit Cards: These cards are mainly bank credit cards associated with popular brands like stores, airlines, e-commerce, hotels and more.
  • Loyalty Credit Cards: These credit cards offer loyalty rewards whenever you spend a dirham at stores you visit frequently.
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards: These cards by banks helps you in transferring the credit card balance from one bank to other at low interest rates.
  • SME Credit Cards: These credit cards are especially available for small and medium enterprises in UAE. It’s mainly a business credit card which can be used for business related purchases with high credit limit.