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Top Car Insurance Providers in UAE

It is essential to have insurance for any vehicle you own in the UAE, whether it is a small or luxury car or a large vehicle (trailers, commercial trucks, vans, etc.). The UAE’s auto insurance plans shield car owners against any mishaps that could arise due to unexpected circumstances. Insurance firms pay for damages caused by things like fraud, injuries, and fire. Insured individuals may also tailor their auto insurance plans to meet their own needs. Comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance are the two forms of auto insurance policies available in the UAE. The former is in charge of providing compensation in the case of robbery, collisions, or explosions, while the latter is in charge of providing coverage for harm caused to others by your car. There are many companies that provide the best car insurance in UAE, but it’s a good idea to learn a bit about them before making a decision.

Salama Takaful Insurance

Residents of UAE can get car comprehensive (third party), motor comprehensive, and vehicle export insurance from Salma Takaful. The insurer offers compensation against loss or damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident in a motor comprehensive insurance policy. The coverage choice also includes robbery, vandalism, damage from an external explosion, fire, and self-ignition safety. Third-party compensation for death, illness, and property damage may also be purchased.

The coverage of an insurance plan is the most important factor to consider when purchasing one. The higher the insurance package, the more coverage it provides. The above-mentioned companies offer some of the best car insurance policies in UAE, and you can compare coverage options on their websites or use web aggregators like www.bankbychoice.com to compare plans in one location. You can, however, compare the policies, but keep in mind that having one was crucial.

Gargash Insurance

Gargash Insurance Company offers drivers individually customized car insurance solutions based on their needs. The firm provides the best auto insurance in Dubai, as well as extended agency repairs for up to five years, Oman Cover, GCC Cover, and Off-road Cover. Additional benefits such as passenger and driver injury compensation, accident and breakdown coverage, insurance against natural calamities, and rent-a-car coverage are also available.
This point now means a lot to potential insured consumers who wish to move insurance providers for a variety of reasons. This procedure requires the customer to contact his or her previous service provider in order to obtain a “No Claims” Certificate. The applicant will get major discounts on the yearly insurance rate by applying the certificate to the new service provider.

Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co

The Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company is one of the best car insurance companies in UAE. They provide coverage to both corporate and individual consumers. The service includes 12 months of coverage, roadside assistance, and up to three years of agency repair. Free towing services in the event of a mechanical failure, free puncture repairs, free battery boosting, and other coverage options are also available. 

Tokio Marine Motor Insurance

Tokio Marine provides car owners in UAE with both extensive and third-party coverage. Tokio Marine Motor Company’s insurance protects the vehicle even though it is driven by an unlicensed driver. The cost of legal liability insurance is also protected. Three years of agency maintenance, Oman coverage, and off-road coverage are included in this policy. Car owners, on the other hand, must repair their cars on their own and may file small claims.

Natural disasters are also covered by the insurance. A personal injury benefit is also available to the insured. This insurance policy offers third-party liability coverage of up to AED 5 million. Non-owned and non-hired vehicles can also be included by this liability policy.

Orient Insurance Company

The business started operations in 1982 and has since provided citizens of the UAE with robust coverage options.  With comprehensive and third-party liability coverage options, the company provides the best car insurance in UAE. The UAE’s extensive coverage has a more advanced edition called motor plus. It provides additional options such as:-

1. Flood, hurricane, storm, earthquake, and other natural disaster safety
2. During the first three years of ownership, repairs at the agency/dealer workshop
3. Defense from protests and strikes
4. Personal belongings and clothes are covered for up to AED 1,000/- against fire and theft.
5. Medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident (up to AED 500/- per person)
6. Roadside assistance
7. Off-Road coverage for 4WD’s
8. Sultanate of Oman’s Geographical Expansion
9. Individuals insured for AED 100,000 receive a free life insurance policy.
10. Legal Responsibilities to Immediate Family

Noor Takaful Car Insurance

Noor Takaful offers the best car insurance in Dubai, with comprehensive coverage policies for vehicle and individual loss and injury. They have both third-party and full-coverage insurance. Roadside assistance, agency maintenance, off-road coverage, and Oman coverage are all included in the insurance package. In addition, the insurer offers compensation for vehicle damage or loss, medical costs, new car repair, windscreen damage, and personal belongings loss.

Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

For more than 40 years, Al Fujairah National Insurance Company has provided extensive coverage options in the United Arab Emirates. Residents of UAE can choose from a variety of comprehensive and extensive car insurance plans provided by the firm. Its customers are covered for both Comprehensive and Third-Party Liability. Additional coverage options provided by Al Fujairah National Insurance Company include coverage for both the driver and the passenger, Oman coverage with the orange card, natural disaster coverage (as defined by the insurer), emergency roadside assistance, and more. 

AIG Car Insurance

AIG is possibly one of the greatest online portals in the UAE for fast and personalized insurance services. Their robust plans are tailored to their customers’ individual requirements. AIG could be the best choice for you if you’re looking for the best car insurance in UAE

AXA Car Insurance

AXA is one of the UAE’s biggest insurance firms. In the UAE, it offers both extensive and third-party insurance coverage. The comprehensive coverage provided by AXA will last up to 15 years. The best thing about AXA is that, in addition to having the best auto insurance in UAE, it also includes extra benefits. Some of which have been mentioned below:-

The insurer offers compensation for the expense of the vehicle, as stated in the initial invoice, in the event of a complete loss with no depreciation for 24 months.
1. Car repairs can be performed at a dealership/agency or at one of the AXA network garages.
2. Replacement of vehicle in case of a claim
3. 24/7 roadside assistance
4. Breakdown Recovery
5. If your car is in the shop for repairs, we will pick you up and drop you off
6. All road trips to Oman are covered by the Oman extension

Oman Insurance Company

AIG is possibly one of the greatest online portals in the UAE for fast and personalized insurance services. Their robust plans are tailored to their customers’ For more than 30 years, Oman Insurance Company has provided the best car insurance in UAE. For residents of Dubai and UAE, the company provides both extensive and third-party coverage options. The following are some of the extra benefits provided by the Oman Insurance Company in addition to the regular coverage options:

1. Repairs are guaranteed for a period of three years by the agency.
2. 24 Hours Emergency Roadside Assistance
3. Third-Party Property Damage ( up to AED 3,500,000)
4. Off-Road Coverage for 4WD vehicles excluding safari activities
5. Windscreen cover up to the limit of AED 3,000/- with NIL excess
6. Natural disasters, storms, riots and strikes, and earthquakes are all covered.
7. Hospital Costs up to AED 5,000/- per person in the case of an emergency.
8. Personal Injury Benefits for the driver and passengers are covered up to a maximum of Dh.200,000/-.
9. Only private vehicles are permitted to travel in the Sultanate of Oman (double excess)
10. Personal accident insurance for both the passenger and the driver (up to AED 2,00,000/-)

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